Goodbye API. Hello rSQL.

Stop writing REST or GraphQL APIs
rSQL gives you direct access to your data using secure, versionable, scalable SQL.

Fine-grained authorization

rSQL parses incoming SQL queries and checks them against an ACL to determine what data to return or update

Version Control

rSQL guides you through the difficult process of versioning. Evolve your data schema without breaking your frontends.

Rate-limiting & Authentication

Authenticate simply and securely with JWT and third-party OAuth integrations. Protect your DB using rate-limiting.

A great alternative

SQL is a powerful, declarative language that lets you perfectly describe what data you need. rSQL makes it possible to embrace the power of SQL across your stack.




No GraphQL


rSQL proxy, sdk
and admin UI.

Stateless & Self-hosted

Run the rSQL proxy locally for development, or in your own cloud. No lock-in or reliance on a hosted service.

Admin UI

See incoming queries, manage authorization, rate-limiting and more using the bundled web interface.

Javsacript SDK

Manage registrations, logins, and run SQL queries using the SDK. Listen to DB changes in real-time (where supported).


Focus on your frontend and data.
Let rSQL handle the rest.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

rSQL is free for all whilst in beta. For the purpose of transparency, here is what we have in mind for the longer-term.

$ 0 /mo

for use in any product generating less than $1m per annum

rSQL Proxy

rSQL admin UI


Discord Community

No direct support

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We offer variable pricing and support packages for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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Is rSQL open-source?

Not yet. We are building rSQL for profit, and we're still debating whether open-sourcing is our best bet.


Why do I have to register. Why can't I just download it?

rSQL is still pretty raw, and we're trying to limit our exposure as it improves.


Is rSQL a new flavour of SQL (the query language)

No. rSQL is a product that makes it possible to use SQL (the language) across your stack.


Will you be adding support for other platforms?

Yes. We're focusing on javascript SDK + Postgres for now, but most of the work is done by the proxy, so it should be easy to add more.

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Stop wasting time trying to build an API from scratch. rSQL is faster, easier, and you still have complete control.

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